Family Law Practice

Some say that a criminal law attorney sees bad people at their best and that a family law attorney sees good people at their worst.  There is some truth to that statement.  Family law, particularly the end of a marriage or relationship, is one of the most psychologically and financially stressful and disruptive events that a person will experience in their lives.  In my more than 25 years as a family law attorney, I can attest to the many ways that these stresses affect the thousands of clients I have had the honor to represent.

My service to my clients includes not only helping resolve their cases on the best terms possible, but also helping them to step back and see the big picture of what they need to get on with their lives.  I like to use a maritime analogy.  Each of my clients is the captain of their own ship and I am the navigator and the person who takes the wheel.  My purpose as their family law attorney is to help my clients navigate the dangerous and uncharted waters that lay ahead between their current positions and a successful end to the journey.  I assess their factual and legal situations and provide my clients with a thorough and thoughtful analysis of the possibilities and probably outcomes.  When asked, I give my assessment of what I would do if I were them, but also remind my clients that it is their lives and their place, after being given all the alternatives, to decide what direction the ship takes. Then, I use my skill to steer their ship to the port they select.  I provide frequent feedback and counsel to my clients as the journey progresses so that they are never in the dark.

My clients are good people.  I care about each of them very much.  My clients clearly know this, and greatly appreciate my skill, guidance and respect.  The client testimonials on this website attest to the value of our family law practice.