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At the Law Offices of Gerard A. Falzone, you will find a divorce attorney serving the city of Hayward with an innate understanding of his clients’ needs. Mr. Falzone has a background in psychology, as well as a law degree, which gives him a more in-depth understanding of the emotional upheaval clients experience as they navigate the complex and challenging realm of divorce. From arranging the details surrounding a legal separation, through the specific steps which lead to a divorce settlement, Mr. Falzone and his staff consider themselves partners with their clients every step of the way.

The Law Offices of Gerard A. Falzone – Experienced Hayward Area Divorce Lawyer

Gerard A. Falzone has been helping his clients move through and beyond their legal divorce proceedings for more than 30 years. It is important to him that his clients understand every step of the legal procedures which separation and/or divorce entail. He takes his time to answer questions, explain complicated legal jargon, and ensure his clients pursue the most appropriate path to take care of themselves – and their families – in the future. Where other law firms allow Paralegals and clerical staff to handle the bulk of the “standard” legal divorce proceedings, Mr. Falzone takes a personal interest in each and every client’s case and does not rest until he is done his utmost to ensure their rights are respected.

California is a “No Fault Divorce” state which means clients can file for a legal divorce under the grounds of “irreconcilable differences.” The petitioning party’s spouse cannot prevent the divorce from proceeding. In addition to the standard procedures involved in dissolving a marriage, Attorney Falzone can also assist his clients with other considerations, including:

Division of Marital Property. In addition to being a “No Fault” divorce state, California is also a “Community Property” state. This means that generally everything a couple has acquired since they were married until the date that they separate and any increase in those assets, is considered joint property. In most cases, it is advantageous to retain a divorce attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and that each party receives what is rightfully theirs.

Spousal Support. In some cases, where one partner has been the significantly greater wage and income earner, his/her spouse is entitled to financial support throughout the divorce proceedings and sometimes this support is continued for a determined amount of time afterwards. The monetary total and payment period are decided upon by the courts, but a divorce attorney can help to evaluate the clients’ financial history and advocate for an amount that is fair.

Child Custody and Child Support. It is always painful when the dissolving of a marriage also dissolves the family dynamic. Children’s emotional well being must be a priority in every action, conversation, and legal proceeding which they are present to. The sooner clients retain an attorney, the closer they are to an expedient resolution which will decide the terms of the child custody agreement, necessary child support, or to set the terms of parental visitation rights.

Retain a Hayward Divorce Attorney  That Is Professional and Compassionate

As difficult as a divorce can be, the Law Offices of Gerard A. Falzone will help to make the experience as efficient, amicable, and inexpensive as possible. Attorney Gerard A. Falzone and staff understand the challenges families face as they begin to negotiate and forge a new future for themselves and each other. Whether you require legal counsel to put together the terms of a divorce on your own, or would prefer full representation, our client testimonials are proof that Attorney Falzone is the right choice. Contact us today for a free telephone consultation and take the next first step towards a healthier future.