Divorce Mediation Attorney in Alameda and Marin Counties

I no longer represent clients in contested court litigation. My legal practice is now exclusively helping clients resolve divorce and family law matters by agreement, as a mediator, or as a consulting attorney.

Although divorce family law issues are painful, the right family law attorney can help the process to be transformative. The cleaner, simpler, and more efficient your case moves through the mediation, agreement process, or the courts, the sooner you can enjoy a clean slate and a fresh start, carving a new and exciting path for yourself and your family.

Are you ready to close a toxic or dysfunctional chapter of your life in order to begin anew? Gerard A. Falzone is ready to be your advocate, legal counselor, and facilitator as you navigate the often tumultuous waters of mediation, divorce, and/or child custody.

Mr. Falzone has worked conscientiously and compassionately for more than 30 years in the San Francisco Bay Area working for the most positive outcome possible for clients involved in divorce and family law litigation, mediation, and various settlements such as:



  • Mediation
  • Community Property Rights and Division
  • Pension Division
  • Tax Aspects of Divorce
  • Restraining Orders
  • Paternity Cases
  • Post-Judgment Child Custody Modifications
  • Post-judgment Child Support Modifications
  • Post-Judgment Spousal Support Modifications[ezcol_1half_end]

Settle Family Law Disputes as Peacefully and Quickly As Possible

Law Offices Gerard FalzoneThe goal in any family law settlement is to resolve the case as quickly, peacefully, and amicably as possible. This is especially true in cases involving child custody issues. The more efficiently and smoothly the agreement, settlement or court hearings proceed, the healthier it is for all parties involved. That being said, I will not hesitate to work aggressively on my client’s behalf.

As your legal counsel and family law attorney, I consider us partners and will never keep you in the dark. I run my practice transparently and will keep you informed of the proceedings every step of the way. In divorce and child custody cases, I recommend pursuing mediation resulting in a legal divorce and/or child custody agreement, so that the case can be settled outside of the courtroom. However, in cases where that is not possible, I am ready to protect your cause in the courts.

Please visit my Client Testimonials page to get a feel for how I work and to learn more about my approach to divorce and family law. The bottom line is that I work diligently to provide the same type of legal support, counsel, and services that I would hope to receive in the same situation. This business tenet has served me well as a Bay Area Family Law Attorney for three decades.
I make it a priority to provide top-notch professional family law services that are affordable and require the least amount of hassle possible. I can work with you alone or am happy to work with you and your partner to reach a wise and fair settlement. I can act as a mediator to both parties involved in the case, or I can provide full legal representation for a single party.

As part of my family law practice, I am also willing to provide legal counsel and recommendations to those who plan to complete the divorce paperwork and filings on their own. If you plan to pursue the paperwork and legal process on your own, I highly recommend having the completed documents reviewed by a qualified legal professional to avoid the hassle, time-consuming and costly processes that can ensue if the documents are completed incorrectly.

My offices are located conveniently in both Alameda and San Rafael, and I often make evening and weekend appointments to accommodate my clients’ busy schedules. I offer reasonable hourly rates (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted), and I am happy to provide a free phone consultation for those who are interested in learning more about retaining my services. I look forward to being your family law advocate.