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It is never easy when two people decide to get a divorce. Even the most simple cases can take an emotional toll on both parties. While it’s not necessary to retain legal counsel or representation to obtain a divorce in the state of California, we find that an Oakland divorce attorney helps to facilitate the divorce proceedings in a more efficient, straightforward, and inexpensive manner. Often, when two people set out to get a divorce on their own, the communication lines begin to break down as time passes. The more emotionally involved things become, the more difficult it is to make clear and logical decisions regarding the futures of both parties.

Oakland Divorce Attorney

At the Law Offices of Gerard A. Falzone, the attorney and staff understand the complex emotions which arise during divorce proceedings. A divorce is much more than a handful of legal and business decisions; it is the separation of two adult lives, and potentially the deconstruction of the family unit. Attorney Falzone gives his utmost attention to the needs of his clients. While he strives to facilitate an amicable and equitable conclusion for both parties, he will aggressively defend the rights and needs of his client(s) if required.

There are several proceedings which take place addressed during the process of a legal divorce

California Division of Property

Since California is a “community property” state, the assets accumulated throughout the marriage will be divided between both parties. A prenuptial agreement will have prevented this. Otherwise, the needs of both sides, as well as any children involved, will be evaluated, and Mr. Falzone will work towards a fair settlement for his client.

Spousal Support

Formerly referred to as “alimony” spousal support is often requested when one partner is a significantly higher wage earner than the other. In some cases, the divorce has to be final before support is supplied. In other cases, spousal support may be paid until an indeterminate amount of time which is decided on by the clients, if they are in agreement, or by the judge if one party is resistant to the spousal support petition.

Child Support

Child support is almost always granted to the custodial parent and depends on the average annual income of the non-custodial parent. In some cases, a non-custodial parent will be dishonest about his/her wages, or hide “under-the-table” income. In these cases, Mr. Falzone has expert P.I.s which can uncover the fraud and present evidence to the court. In cases where physical custody is the responsibility of both parties through joint custody, child care may not become an issue.

Child Custody

There is a broad range of options in regards to child custody. After reviewing a client’s case, Mr. Falzone can offer his professional and experienced opinion about what is most likely to be considered by the courts. Divorce can be an emotionally traumatic event in a child’s life. The sooner parents retain an attorney; the earlier the resolution can occur, sparing children from as much heartache as possible. Resolving issues like this are all the more important in cases where children’s safety is in question.

Retain a Caring Oakland Divorce Attorney

Mr. Falzone’s has a background in psychology, which is a unique asset in the complex arena of family law. Client testimonials are witness to the caring and compassionate nature with which Mr. Falzone handles each of his cases. If you’re in or around the Oakland area, please contact the Law Offices of Gerard A. Falzone for a free telephone consultation. We hope you consider Gerard Falzone to be your Oakland divorce lawyer and look forward to helping you pave the way to a more positive future.