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After 35 years of marriage, and at the advanced ages of 68 and 76, my wife and I decided to divorce. Our parting was amicable in all respects except the property settlement. We had decidedly different views on what was fair.

I found Gerard through his website and I am glad I did. Gerard is an excellent attorney. He knows the law. He was able to counter successfully the many iII-founded issues raised by my wife’s attorney. Some required him to do research to find precedents which were always squarely on point and decisive. He probed me to discover rights to separate property I was unaware of after 35 years of accumulating community property. I believe in Gerard’s capable hands, I received all I was entitled to in the property settlement.

Gerard was a pleasure to work with. He was very prompt in responding to my phone calls and emails, many of which raised issues that only complicated his work. I never felt any impatience or frustration from him. I came to feel that he was my friend. I have no reservations about recommending Gerard Falzone.

John S.

Though my divorce was amicable, it was one of the toughest moments of my life. And with that said, I’m glad I’ve met Gerard. I gave him what we were looking for in our divorce and trusted him completely with preparing my documents. It was very challenging to focus on every aspect of life and work while prioritizing the emotional care of my two children. Paperwork was the last thing on my mind. But Gerard was empathetic to my situation, courteous and very thorough. He properly restructured what we wanted in a way that was acceptable before the court and work towards a favorable and speedy outcome. Exactly what I needed. There was a sense of comfort knowing he was in control of the situation so I can continue with picking up the broken pieces of my life. I regard Gerard not only as an attorney that understood my plight but as a trusted confidant by my side throughout the ordeal. Many thanks, Gerard!

Steve Y.

My divorce paperwork and the agreement I paid a paralegal to prepare for me had been so poorly drafted, the court actually requested I seek the advice of an attorney. I called the lawyer referral service and they put me in contact with Mr. Falzone’s law office. I met with Mr. Falzone and he was so professional and knowledgeable I felt completely at ease and secure having him as my attorney. Mr. Falzone had done such a great job on everything the court approved the divorce and I had my judgment within seven days time. I should have hired Mr. Falzone from the beginning!

Chris G.

Gerard Falzone is an extremely fair, competent, knowledgeable, organized and passionate Family Law Attorney. While divorce is never easy, I was fortunate enough to have worked out most of the terms and conditions of my Marital Settlement Agreement in advance – but without Mr. Falzone’s council through the intricate, detailed and information-rich process required to meet the standards of the court, I would have been lost. At the end of the process, Mr. Falzone drafted a thorough and  comprehensive MSA that I’m entirely confident reflects the agreements (and protects all family member rights) I reached with my ex-wife and filed all of the necessary dissolution of marriage Judgment paperwork with the court for a reasonable and affordable fee. I recommend Mr. Falzone without hesitation.

David B.

I’ve consulted with Gerard Falzone once before, when my wife divorced me, and was very pleased with his legal counsel and guidance, especially regarding child custody issues.  A wise, savvy, and fair family law attorney.   My ex recently lit me up over some contentious custody issues, and I again consulted with Mr. Falzone.  Again I’ve found him to be a very good attorney, who has provided me sound legal advice and advocacy; all at a reasonable cost.

Jeff W.

I would highly recommend Mr. Gerard Falzone for complicated divorce cases. He is highly competent, experienced, and professional.  I valued his attentiveness, patience, and reasonably priced services.  Most Importantly, I appreciate his support during my difficult divorce process.  I trusted his judgement, and his ability to negotiate on my behalf.  He was able to accommodate my schedule.  I am extremely grateful for my fantastic outcome.

Bola K.

Mr. Gerard Falzone is the right attorney and person and to assist you in the settlement of any divorce.  I struggled through a complicated divorce and Gerard provided calm, wise, dedicated service throughout the entire process.  Gerard is not full of promise or false bravado; instead he offers experience and sound judgment to reach the right decision.  In my particular case, the judgment Gerard achieved was settled in my favor on every level.  I frequently wanted to bring emotion into the case, Gerard listened then advised me on how we could reach my outcome through wisdom and incredible experience with the law and with the people of the California court system. I have recommended Gerard to a close personal friend and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to reach a sound, iron-clad and successful conclusion to any divorce.

COL David M. Fee  (full name given at client’s request)

At the start, my divorce appeared to be straightforward. I worked with Gerard Falzone to assemble a simple agreement which, I hoped, would be easy to negotiate.  In the process, I got to see how quickly, elegantly, and inexpensively Gerard was able to craft a thorough agreement. Gerard provided clear explanations of complex issues and always brought up potential “gotchas” in all of the document drafts.  My ex- and I reviewed and negotiated the agreement, signed it, and received a judgment.

If the matter had ended there, I would have seen how well Gerard handled an uncontested situation … but I would never really have known whether the agreement would hold up if challenged, or how well Gerard could deal with the legal system in the county.  As it turned out, I got to learn all of these things. Several months after the judgment was entered, my ex-wife decided she did not feel like complying … and she decided to go to court to try and throw out and rework the whole thing.

This was more than a little upsetting — but Gerard was extremely helpful in moving forward. He didn’t focus only on the letter of the law, but also explained how my specific county’s court system works to handle these kinds of issues.   As a direct result of Gerard’s guidance on navigating the system, I was able thoroughly to prepare, and set the stage for winning my case. And that carefully crafted agreement, that we hoped would never be litigated?  It held up perfectly under fire, despite my ex and her attorney throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it.

In our communications, Gerard was always precise and responsive. He never neglected nor missed a single email, phone call, message, or calendar date, and he never submitted any document to the court or to opposing counsel without my having the opportunity to review it.

I would recommend Gerard to anyone in an uncontested or a contested divorce situation, due to his thorough work, precision, level-headedness, and holistic comprehension of how the whole family court process plays out.

A. B.

Making the choice to divorce my husband was the most difficult and heart-wrenching decision I have ever had to make.  I knew things between my husband and I could get complicated and ugly very quickly.  During my first of many conversations with Mr. Falzone, I was met with a very warm and engaging personality.  Time after time, Mr. Falzone has demonstrated a superior knowledge of the law and whenever I did not understand any of the legal proceedings, he would explain it to me in very easy to understand terms.  Whenever I felt emotionally overwhelmed and depressed about the impending divorce, Mr. Falzone provided me with calm reassurance and he always seemed to know when to inject a little humor just to remind me that all was not hopeless; that my children and I would come out on the other end just fine.

Mr. Falzone is an excellent listener and he has recorded, with painstaking detail, my every request to the judge and in the court documents and he handled my case with the utmost dignity and professionalism.  Mr. Falzone has always kept me informed on how my case was progressing and he was very diligent about returning all of my emails and phone calls, in a timely manner; this, especially, help to kept my anxiety level down.  Now that my divorce is final, my children and I are doing very well and it is largely due to how brilliantly Gerard Falzone represented me and my interests.  I would highly recommend Mr. Falzone to anyone in need of legal representation.


I highly recommend Gerard family law services. At the time that I contacted him, I was really in a bind. My 16 year old daughter had been physically abused by her mother, who suffers from bipolar disorder. She did not feel safe returning to her mother’s house, and I needed to know how to protect her as quickly as possible. I had left messages at six different attorneys that day, and only three returned the calls. Gerard answered my call the first time, and I was able to meet with him later that day. My case was in Marin County, but the fact that he has offices in the East Bay as well as the North Bay made meeting with him much easier.

He is very experienced in the area of family law, and explained to me what channels I would need to take to protect my daughter, and to gain custody. His knowledge and confidence in my case, based on the facts, set my mind at ease, and helped me get through a very difficult time. Within a few days I was able to legally gain temporary custody, and within two months gain full legal and physical custody. My daughter’s life has become stable since then, and we both owe Gerard a debt of gratitude.

John H.

His down to earth, non-judgmental style made my initial meetings very reassuring and comfortable.  His responsiveness as well as guidance in my developing a plan of action that was in my and my child’s best interest was such a relief.  He made both my husband and myself feel at ease through a very challenging time.


I cannot thank Gerard enough for all that he has done.  He helped make a very challenging situation go as smooth as possible.  I will forever be grateful for his caring and professional service.


We hired Gerard to mediate our divorce case, which involved issues of child custody, child support, spousal support and division of our marital property.  In meeting with us, Gerard made us both feel that our opinions and needs were valid and valued, and he opened up a positive and productive dialogue between us.  Gerard was very patient and sensitive to our concerns and was able to help us to reach an agreement on all issues in our divorce that we both are very happy with.  We are so glad we had Gerard mediate our divorce, rather than spending much more fighting in Court.  We are much happier now and have a better relationship with each other because we were able to settle our differences, rather than have the Court impose its judgment on our lives.   Because we get along well with each other, thankfully our son has adjusted well to the divorce.  We highly recommend Gerard for any couple seeking to mediate their divorce.

John G.

Maria G.

I was in the middle of a custody battle and the lawyer I had hired was non-responsive. I was in a panic.  My court day was weeks away and I couldn’t get her to return any phone calls, or finish needed paperwork.  I met with Gerard (after a personal recommendation and checking him out online) and he quickly gathered everything that was needed and went to court with me. He really listens and knew every detail of the case.  He guided me through every step; we prepared for my appointments with the court mediators so I was able to articulately express my concerns as valid.  He had many creative ideas, and often had ideas to avoid additional expenses.  He really tried to reach an agreement in good faith so we could avoid court and court costs. My ex was not receptive to that, so we went to court twice before coming to an agreement. The agreement I finally got really put me in the driver’s seat, took my son’s best interests to heart, and had safeguards in place. I really hope not to be in a situation where I need a lawyer again, and a large part of that is because of Gerard Falzone’s efforts on my behalf; but if I do, I would know who to call.  I cannot recommend Gerard highly enough.

Carolyn C.

I am a very reasonable person.  Unfortunately my now ex-husband was very controlling and very unreasonable during our marriage, and made my life and the lives of our children very difficult.   During our divorce and at post-Judgment Motion hearings thereafter, my ex-husband tried to maintain his excessive control by refusing to agree to a reasonable resolution of the issues in our case.   Gerard did all that could be done to try to work out a fair settlement of my divorce, but when that proved fruitless, Gerard expertly and aggressively fought in Court for my legal rights and for child custody and visitation Orders that protected my children.   The case turned out very well, and I am extremely satisfied with all that Gerard did for me.   I know that Gerard truly cared about me and about my children, and about making sure that my case was resolved in the best possible way for us. Gerard was always very patient with me and supportive of me, and was always there to help me when I had a question or concern, or just needed reassurance.  Gerard made the difficult life transition I went through in my divorce much easier for me.

Elsa V.

My divorce was very hard on me emotionally.   It brought up a lot of sadness and childhood hurts that I never knew existed.  Gerard was there for me every step of the way, from the beginning until the end, when we reached a very fair settlement and avoided having to go to trial.   I am so happy to have had Gerard as my attorney. I would have been lost without him.   Gerard was very patient and understanding of my emotional issues, and made sure I understood my legal rights and choices.  His manner was very comforting, and made me feel confident that I would make it through the emotional ordeal.  Now that my divorce is over, and I have started my new life, I am so much happier and I am so thankful to have had Gerard represent me as my attorney.

Candace M.

My case was difficult because my wife and I split up and reconciled many times while the divorce action was pending.  Ultimately, we reconciled and are now living together happily.   Sometimes it takes a divorce action being filed to show you what you have to lose by splitting up.  Gerard was extremely patient and respectful of the need of my wife and I to try to resolve our differences, and helped me through the emotional upheavals I went through trying to make the right decision.  Gerard is not an attorney who just pushes papers through Court.  Gerard is an excellent attorney, but he is also much more than that.  I know Gerard cared about me, and cared about helping me make the right decision about whether to divorce or not.

Bill Nabhani (full name given at client’s request)

Gerard made the process of my divorce as smooth as possible and avoided running to the Courthouse, making it easy on everyone.  He easily made me look at the big picture which helped me make some difficult, but smart decisions in the long run. Gerard made sure any negotiations and/or agreements made were in the best interest for my son and my future. Gerard was extremely helpful, professional and has excellent follow through. He is aggressive, yet compassionate and sensitive all at the same time–this is a hard combination to find!  I was very lucky to have him by my side.

Nelly F.

Gerard was very understanding in his representation of me in my divorce. At first, it took me a long time to decide if divorce was what I really wanted. Gerard understood my dilemma and was very patient and did not try to rush me into any decisions.  He was there for me to answer all of my questions, and always was very responsive to my phone calls.  I knew that Gerard really cared about me making the decision that was right for me. When it came time to work out a divorce settlement, Gerard did an excellent job of getting me focused on the legal issues, he clearly presented all of my choices, and he thoroughly explained them to me, and helped me reach a settlement that I felt was very fair, both to me and my ex-wife. Since we have children together, maintaining a good rapport with my ex-wife was very important to me.  Now, after our divorce is final, my ex-wife and I are better friends than we had been for quite a while during our marriage, and our children have benefited from it.

Scott H.

Gerard helped me with post-Judgment child custody and child support issues. Before hiring Gerard, I had tried to handle the matter myself.  That proved to be a serious mistake. My ex-wife and her attorney seemed to want to make as much trouble and legal expense as possible by fighting about everything.  Gerard was very good at containing their aggression and in working out a reasonable settlement of our issues, so we did not have to go to Court.  Gerard was firm in the legal positions he advocated on my behalf, and showed my ex-wife and her attorney that they could not push him and me around.

Gary Hembree (full name given at client’s request)

When my husband told me he was leaving me after more than 30 years of marriage, I was devastated.  I had not even seen it coming.   Thankfully, Gerard represented me as my attorney and guided me through the very difficult financial issues of the case. Gerard thoroughly explained all of the property and spousal support settlement possibilities, and helped me to decide on which one was best for me.   Gerard then conducted settlement meetings with my husband and myself, and crafted a settlement that secured my financial future while allowing my husband to still survive.   I am very happy to have had Gerard on my side.

Susan S.

After my divorce, we still had outstanding issues.  I did not receive child support for two years!  And, frankly I was very frustrated!  I was lucky to find Gerard and receive his wise and creative counseling.  With his guidance, I was able to resolve the child support problems and not create additional problems with my ex (in fact, we are better friends now and that is due in part to Gerard)!  If you are looking for someone who is kind, fair, creative and considerate, look no further.  He can help!

Leslie K.

I was very impressed with both the timeliness and expertise of Gerard Falzone. I had a legal issue that needed to be resolved ASAP and because of Gerard it did succeed. He followed up and communicated with me every step of the way.  I highly recommend Gerard Falzone to resolve your legal issues.


I was involved in a lawsuit concerning my business; where I had never been involved in one before.  I did not know what to expect or even how to handle legal notices and things. The lawsuit was moving faster and faster and I was afraid was spinning out of control   I hired Mr. Falzone and he was able to get the case organized and he advised  on strategies to use and how move forward with the case.    His advice was invaluable and his thoroughness in going through legal paperwork was amazing.  I am very grateful for his invaluable assistance and legal advice.


I was in a nightmare relationship.  My wallet was drying up fast and I never thought I would be able to stand on my own two feet again.  Within a short period of time, with his excellent legal representation, Gerard lifted me up and lead me to freedom. Thanks to Gerard, I feel free once again!

Ron T.

I was caught in an international marriage scam with the other party unwilling to cooperate at all. This was the most stressful time in my life since they held all the cards in another country far away. I did not see any good outcomes for my situation. Also, I am not familiar with marriage laws, international marriage laws or the legal system. Gerard was able to sort through my remarkable story and guide my case through the court system. He was able to explain to me, in layman’s terms, as the process went along. Throughout the entire process, Gerard was professional, responsive, accurate, and to-the-point. I felt confident that my case was as well prepared as it can be. The judge granted me an annulment. Personally, I am touched by all the people who came forward to offer advice and help throughout my ordeal. I’m especially glad that Gerard handled my case.

Mike Y.

The foregoing are the opinions of these individual clients. These testimonials are not intended to be, nor should they be taken as, guarantees, warranties or predictions regarding the outcome of your legal matter, if you become a client of attorney Gerard A. Falzone. and this office.