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Family law attorneys are present to some of the most private and emotionally complex moments in their clients’ lives. It’s important that individuals seek an Oakland Family Law Attorney who is both sensitive and professional. Whether clients are beginning their journey together and require a pre-nuptial agreement to protect each others’ interests – or a marriage is being dissolved and the family must pave a new road for the future, attorney Gerard A. Falzone helps his clients to forge smooth transitions into their next phase of life.

A Professional and Compassionate Oakland Family Law Attorney

So much of the legal realm is comprised of black and white contrasts. However, at the Law Offices of Gerard A. Falzone, we understand that family law is a unique niche. There are infinite shades of grey, which is why we treat each case individually – creating a plan of action that will encompass the best means to an end, aligning with our clients’ best interests. While we strive to provide the most equitable, efficient, and amicable family law services for our clients and their families, we are also willing to be aggressive when necessary to ensure our clients’ rights are respected.

Here is a list of the most typical family law situations for which legal counsel and or representation are beneficial:

Pre-Nuptial Agreements. California is a “Community Property State,” which means once you are married, any equity gained on individually held assets – as well as any assets which are acquired during the marriage – are joint property and will be divided evenly during a divorce. For many couples, especially those who have acquired significant assets prior to marriage, or who come into a marriage with children, the community property law does not serve everyone’s best interests. A pre-nuptial agreement will act as an insurance policy so that assets will be divided fairly should the marriage come to an unforeseen end.

Domestic Partnerships. All to often we hear stories of long-time partners who are unfairly barred from retirement benefits, inheritances, or from being able to visit their loved-one while hospitalized. A legal domestic partnership ensures that both heterosexual and same-sex partners can enjoy the same legal benefits as married couples in terms of hospital visitation, executing legal, financial, or medical decisions for the opposite partner, retirement and/or health benefits, inheritance benefits, etc. This partnership is recognized by both state and federal governments.

Legal Separation and Divorce. The end of a marriage is never easy. Often, couples believe they can calmly determine the parameters for their own divorce settlement. All to often we hear from clients for whom things did not proceed as fairly as originally anticipated. While adults can have the best intentions, the more time that passes after the initial break up, the more complex emotions and decision making become. Retaining legal representation can make sure clients come to their decisions in a logical and rational way, with the compassionate support of an attorney who knows how to protect their best interests.

Child Support & Custody Issues. Divorce is complicated enough but when children are involved, it is imperative that parents put children’s emotional and physical needs first in each decision that is made. Attorney Falzone has helped hundreds of families navigate the choppy waters of family law. He is an Oakland Family law attorney who puts children and families first – and makes sure the courts honor and protect the best interests of the children.

Other common areas of Family Law include:

  • Paternity cases
  • Legal Separation
  • Adoption
  • Legal Guardianship
  • And more…

An Oakland Family Law Attorney With Experience

If you are considering retaining a family law attorney, please contact our office. We will assist you in any way we can.